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Printing Support

  • No real printer support, current printer support is experimental.
  • The only available printing software on linux in general is quite lacking, not well written, and very unstable.
  • LPR is available for anyone willing to learn how to use it.
  • Anyone willing to help get printing to work and work properly within the requirements of Kevux, your assistance is welcome.
  • Good Luck with printing.

  • Seamonkey

  • Google mail does not respond to click events properly, use the "older version" of google mail.
  • Seamonkey may randomly crash, sometimes the crashes are caused by flash.

  • Claws-Mail

  • With the switch to uClibc-nptl, claws mail stopped properly connecting to e-mail servers via domain name.
  • This makes it quite useless and is considered a major regression.
  • As a work-around, do an nslookup for your desired e-mail server and use the ip-address as the server to connect to.

  • Stack Protection

  • There are a large number of programs that might crash with "stack smashing attack" as the message.
  • This system has stack protection enabled in a number of programs, when a program tries to do something to harm the system (intentionally or accidentally) then "stack smashing attack" is present and the program exits.
  • This may happen a lot because the quality of software out there is quite poor and insecure programming is quite rampant.
  • Better to have the program quit than to allow the program to damage parts of the system and potentially grant system access to an attacker.

  • Miscellaneous Issues

    Manpage Support
  • Manpages exist on the system, but there is no tool available to parse and read them on this system.

  • Remote Desktop sftp Support
  • The remote desktop client, called Remmina, is currently failing to decrypt valid passwords while connected to an SSH server.

  • IPV6 Issues
  • There is no dhcp support for ipv6 at this time, but support is planned.