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Just like with proprietary software, most open-source projects focus on adding features with new releases rather than fixing problems and cleaning up overall design. As the features keep getting added, potential performance gain from new hardware is either reduced or lost entirely.
In addition to the bloat that has infested the open-source community, the vast majority of the open-source community fails to have any strong form of good maintainance and coordination.

This is a project, consisting of specifications, libraries, and programs in multiple languages to present an organized, modular, semi-language independent, and resource unintensive software system in hopes of resolving these open-source issues.
The code base will focus on readability, changeability, and compile-time flexability.

The project is broken up into two primary parts:
  1. Featureless Linux Library
  2. Featureless Settings Specifications

More information and documentation will be provided as the project grows.